Leonora Sophie

Leonora Shopie
Leonora Sophie feeding her adopted gibbon at a rescue centre in Kalimantan, Indonesia

Leonora Sophie comes from England, but lives in Japan. She’s a kindergarten teacher with a special passion for the environment. When she is not dreaming of the forest of Indonesia and the gibbons swinging in the trees, she is enjoying the beautiful rice fields around with her husband and French bulldog!

Leonora Sophie Bloomtrigger Profile

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* What inspires you?
Garbage. It’s becoming an addiction!

* What makes you angry?
Garbage, or the way people (don’t) care about it.

* What is your personal mission?
I want to use my own knowledge and experience to share with the next generation to help protect our planet.

* If you were Prime Minister, what would be the first thing you’d change?
Garbage! We need to be better educated about methods of disposal.

* Why did you agree to become a bloomtrigger ambassador?
Forests are where the love is at. If we don’t look after them, we don’t look after our planet. The bloomtrigger project is an accessible project for everyone, from anywhere.

* Can you describe a typical workday?
My work day includes time at home looking after the family. The husband goes to work, the dog gets looked after and my study gets done. Then I head to school to teach kids. They learn English, but I try to teach them a little bit about the environment too. You are never too young to learn!

* Can you think of a place or event you have been that has really inspired you?
Anywhere with a bit of greenery to it. If we can see the nature around us, we are inspired to look after it, we appreciate it so much more.

* How do you define success?

* What’s the best advice anyone’s ever given you?
‘Happiness is a journey, not a destination.’ Remember it, and you will enjoy every step of your journey!

* What’s your favourite book or film of late?
Bridget Jones is my favourite film of all time! LoLzz.

* If you could get anyone to become a part of the bloomtrigger project who would it be and why?
My mother! Because her ‘word of mouth’ is better than any social network…!

* How do you go green in your daily life?
By making as many things as possible by myself, trying to avoid chemicals and most certainly, by trying to avoid palm oil.

* What would you most like to happen to protect the planet?
The immediate halt to illegal logging and deforestation and the complete obliteration of palm oil. I can but dream.

* Do you have a favourite quote you can share with us?
“Work like you don’t need the money, love like you’ve never been hurt & dance like no one is watching”.

* If you found yourself stranded in a rainforest, what is the one thing you would like to have with you?
My camera!

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