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Bloomtrigger Competition! This competition is now closed!

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GroBox Gardens have kindly donated 10 of their wonderfully sustainable GroBox products to be given away as prizes for the bloomtrigger project. GroBoxes are a collection of beautiful flowering plants hand designed by award winning garden designer Jayne Lawton. A very simple to use British invention, designed using a biodegradable, intelligent packaging solution. We love it because its sustainable, ethical and takes all the hard work out of gardening.

How a GroBox works

GroBoxes are brilliant for children who are looking for an easy way to begin gardening. So we have decided to give away a GroBox to the pupil with the most blooms in each of our pilot schools.

The remaining 5 GroBoxes will be up for grabs for supporters of the bloomtrigger project. To enter the competition simply nominate either yourself, your friends or family as the world’s BEST or WORST gardener! We are asking for the best or the worst so that everyone get a chance to win and because a Grobox is a great gift for both the most novice and experienced of gardeners.

You can post your nominations on bloomtrigger Facebook or Twitter page. You can nominate as many people as you like and the winners will be selected at random from both the list of best and worst gardeners.

Facebook bloomtrigger  Click here to post on bloomtrigger Facebook page – Post the name of the person you are nominating and tell us if you think they are the BEST or WORST gardener in the world.
Click here for bloomtriggger twitter page – To enter on twitter simply tweet @bloomtrigger – #GroBox competition – The world’s BEST (or WORST) gardener is …

Competition ends at 6pm on the 12th March 2012.
Winners please allow up to 10 days after the closing date for the delivery of your prize.


Bloomtrigger is currently talking to GroBox Gardens about creating a ‘rainforest Grobox’. If you like the idea of growing your very own patch of rainforest in your garden at home, then please get in touch and let us know!

The WINNERS of the 5 GroBoxes are…

* Susan Harrison (Great Yarmouth)
* Janice Channer (Cardiff)
* Patricia Avery (Lincolnshire)
* Lexy Law (Northern Ireland)
* Andrea Tinker (Lincolnshire)

Everyone who entered the competition will be awarded 1 ‘bloom’ to plant into the bloomtrigger project. If you eneterd please send us your email addresses to claim your bloom!


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