Felipe Diniz

Felipe Diniz
Felipe Diniz in Regent’s Park (London), January 2012.

Felipe Diniz is an International Relations student and lives in Niterói, Brazil. He is also now interning for Bloomtrigger! He was born in Rio de Janeiro, a city with a beautiful mix of green mountains and wonderful beaches. He really likes to travel and his favourite destinations till now were Portugal, the UK and Georgia. Even though he is from the tropics, he loves cold weather and snow. He loves animals, especially dogs, and if he lived in a big house he would definitely have lots of them. His favourite rainforest animal is the tamarin.

Felipe Bloomtrigger Profile Picture

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* What inspires you?
Making a difference in someone’s life.

* What makes you angry?
Indifference to serious issues and problems.

* What is your personal mission?
Being happy by making other people happy.

* If you were Prime Minister, what would be the first thing you’d change?
I’d consider ecological issues as a matter of national security. Deforestation and pollution are a threat for our existence as much as terrorism and wars.

* Why did you agree to become a bloomtrigger ambassador?
Because I believe on its message and I recognize its potential.

* Can you describe a typical workday?
I’d describe it as busy and enjoyable, but with a little bit of adrenaline to get things done.

* Can you think of a place or event you have been that has really inspired you?
The last World Scout Jamboree in Sweden, where I had the opportunity to ‘live’ for 2 weeks with 40,000 scouts from all over the world. It was amazing to be in a place with people from different places, cultures and religions, but with the same purpose; creating a better world.

* How do you define success?
Doing good work, having economic security and helping people.

* What’s the best advice anyone’s ever given you?
A Scout is to be trusted; his honour is of greater value than his life.

* What’s your favourite book or film of late?
The Skin I Live In – I simply love Almodovar’s movies!

* If you could get anyone to become a part of the bloomtrigger project who would it be and why?
The Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff, so she could learn the real importance that she could give to environmental issues in a key country like Brazil.

* How do you go green in your daily life?
I admit that I am kind of neurotic about saving electricity and water.

* What would you most like to happen to protect the planet?
When people discover that protecting nature can also be the key to social and economic development.

* Do you have a favourite quote you can share with us?
Leave the world a little better than you found it. Baden-Powell’s Last Message (1941).

* If you found yourself stranded in a rainforest, what is the one thing you would like to have with you?
A bottle, so I can fill it with water and keep myself hydrated.

* Can you think up one more interesting question that we should be asking for this interview, but have not thought of yet and then answer it?
Where have you never been that you would like to go?
I would like to see Iceland and Central Asia (Kazhakstan, Tajikistan, all the ‘stan’s)!

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