Could you draw a better tiger than this?

The tiger from Trof

The tiger from Trof

We are looking for someone who likes to draw – as we need some scribbles of rainforest animals for the bloomtrigger project’s new website.

If you think you could draw a better tiger than this one or even a tiger just as good as this one, then why not have a quick doodle and post it on ‘the bloomtrigger project’ Facebook page.

Perhaps like us you are rubbish at drawing, well don’t let that put you off, we are looking for childish, scruffy, yet stylish drawings. Drawings a bit like this one above that we discovered on the menu at a bar called Trof in the Northern Quarter of Manchester.

The person (or persons) who submits the best drawing will not only receive huge recognition by becoming a featured artist of ‘the bloomtrigger project’, but will also win a patch of rainforest in Peru that will be protected in their name.

But what if you’re thinking “I can draw but I’m just not that good at drawing Bengal tigers?”

That’s ok we are looking for drawings of all the following rainforest animals that can be used as the default profile pictures for people who become a part of ‘the bloomtrigger project’.

  • Organgutan
  • Golden monkey
  • Jaguar
  • Python
  • Red-Eyed tree frog
  • Lemur
  • Toucan
  • Piranha
  • Gorilla
  • Blue Morpho Butterfly
  • Bengal tiger
  • Other (Surprise us!)

How to enter…

Step 1. Pick a rainforest animal to draw, maybe google it so you can remember what they look like.

Step 2. Find a scrap of paper, a pen and get doodling.

Step 3. When your happy with it take a picture of the drawing and post it on the wall of ‘the bloomtrigger project’ Facebook page.

Step 4. Tag yourself as the artist behind the drawing.

In a few weeks we will select the best drawings and a winner(s) will be contacted.

If you can’t draw full stop, then please tell your artist friends about this competition and you will be helping us with this project to protect rainforest!

Boris ‘Bo’ Jr.
Ambassador of bloomtrigger

A random selection of the drawings so far...


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