bloomtrigger in progress

Bloomtrigger’s progress to date…
Bloomtrigger recently completed a ‘pilot’ project in 5 UK primary schools, raising £5,000, to plant 10,000 blooms, which will help to protect 50 hectares of rainforest in the Peruvian Amazon. We are now ready to scale our model up! To do this we are seeking to secure the investment and partnerships we need to make this possible. In the meantime the bloomtrigger project continues, with our next target to help protect 100 hectares of rainforest. We are always on the look out for more schools, businesses and individuals to become a part of the project. So get involved here!

The key elements Bloomtrigger has already secured for success…
* A strong and dedicate management team.
* Internationally recognised & experienced conservation partners.
* A solid, core strategy & business model – with vast potential for growth.
* An attractive value proposition for the right investor/benefactor with a desire to leave a legacy through the bloomtrigger project – a legacy which will project its influence across social, technological, environmental, economic & creative communities.

Bloomtrigger‘s innovative education strategy…
Bloomtrigger uses a simple common language to raise awareness of global deforestation from the primary school level up. The first schools have already adopted the children’s version of the bloomtrigger project by trialling our ‘bloom reward’ strategy – a fresh and creative, educational approach that plays to children’s strengths, empowering children to protect their own share of the rainforest. Click here to watch a video about how this strategy works.

Sketches from the Townfield Primary School bloomtrigger trial 2010


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