What does being a climate refugee mean?

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In this episode Boris and Juan discuss what it means to be a climate refugee. Not to be missed!

Why India is so threatened by climate change? 

Climate Change Vulnerability Index (CCVI) 2011. The darker the blue colour the higher the risk. Source: http://www.maplecroft.com

According to the Climate Change Vulnerability Index (CCVI) 2011, released by global risks advisory firm Maplecroft, India is rated as “extreme risk” just behind Bangladesh which is first on the list. Why? India, like other developing countries, is characterised by its dense population (the world’s second most populated country with nearly 1.2 billion inhabitants!), high levels of poverty, exposure to extreme weather events – droughts, severe storms and floods – and a high dependence on the agricultural sector that is being hit by these climate events.

According Dr. Swaminathan (known as the father of the “Green Revolution in India), a one-degree Celsius rise in global temperature could result in wheat losses of 6 million tons per year which represents approximately 10% of India’s annual wheat production. It seems like abstract numbers but just think about how many people could be fed with the millions of tons of food lost.

Rising sea levels in the Indian Ocean is another issue that the country will have to tackle, as it will create particularly serious consequences along the coast where most of the population lives.

Due to these combined factors, India could become the country with the largest number of climate refugees. These people will be forced to move to safer areas within the country or to other countries. In turn, parts of India are likely to become a host of climate refugees from other countries even more threatened, such as Bangladesh.

India is one of the countries that has developed its economy most during the last decades; this economic growth is under threat to decline due to climate change. The implications of this will be felt beyond India boarders, as its climate vulnerability could adversely affect the arrival of foreign investments and impact countries like the UK who are susceptible to dramatic shifts in the global economy.

After reading this short analysis, don’t you think Indian people have enough problems? Are we going to do something to help tackle climate change?

By Juan Mateo Perrote


Tuvalu – could it be the first country to disappear due to climate change?

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In the second episode of ‘Thoughts of Boris ‘Bo’ Jr’
Juan and Boris have a telephone conversation about how climate change is affecting small low lying islands. Let’s find out what they say!

How do you think climate change can affect Tuvalu, the fourth smallest country in the world composed of little islands?

Tuvalu - Source: www.theclinic.cl

Tuvalu - Source: http://www.theclinic.cl

As you can imagine the predictions are not so good. Tuvalu, located in the Pacific Ocean between Hawaii and Australia, has a total land area of just 26Km2 and its highest elevation is just 5m above sea level.  As its high tide mark is rising by 5 mm every year, native plants are being damaged by salt water. But rising sea levels is not the only issue, Tuvaluans also have to tackle high groundwater levels during periods of intense high rainfall, high incidences of water scarcity and prolonged drought. These days a state of emergency has been declared due to drought, it is been six months since the last rainfall and on top of this there is a decrease in the productivity of coral and lagoon fisheries.

And the question is: are they guilty for what they are going through? Of course not!  They don’t emit carbon – or any insignificant amount compared to industrialized countries – but they are one of the most threatened by climate change. It is not fair that because of countries such as United States, China, Australia or United Kingdom, to name just a few, don’t want to cut their greenhouse gas emissions, people in Tuvalu are losing their traditional lifestyle and will be forced to migrate. And it will happen in the near future because according to the experts, the country will be uninhabitable by the year 2050.

If you are interested in learning more about Tuvalu, I invite you to see this video: 


So if you would like to do something to help reduce global CO2 emissions, then one simple way to do this is to become a part of the bloomtrigger project and help to protect your own part of the Amazon rainforest in Peru.

By Juan Mateo Perrote

Thoughts of Boris ‘Bo’ Jr. – A new video blog series from the bloomtrigger project

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Thoughts of Boris ‘Bo’ Jr. is a new video blog series from the bloomtrigger project. Juan and Boris will give us regular snippets of information about climate change and deforestation. Not to be missed!

The picture below seems funny, doesn’t it? It’s actually not. 

Dutch tourist water skiing in St Mark's Square (Venice, Italy). December 2008. Source: http://www.mailments.com

Venice is one of the cities that has to tackle the effects of climate change more intensely due to rising sea levels. But it is not the only one; every city, every country and every territory all over the world is being affected by climate change. From this blog we would like to make our contribution, as other organisations are doing, to raise awareness to people showing them that climate change is already here; it is not something that will happen in the distant future, it is happening now and it is real!

We will make a weekly post focusing on how climate change is affecting different cities and countries around the world with varying levels of intensity. For example sea levels rising, extreme weather events, droughts, floods, heatwaves and lower agricultural production to name just a few.

We really hope you find this information interesting and share it with your friends, collages and family. All together we should spread the message, being aware of the problem is the first step towards beginning to solve it!

Tackling climate change will require a mosaic of solutions. The bloomtrigger project is one small, yet essential part of the solutions.

By Juan Mateo Perrote

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