About bloomtrigger

Global Deforestation is a vast and complex issue.
Bloomtrigger aims to be one small, yet essential part of the solution.

Q. How to engage the millions of individuals who feel so far removed from this problem and powerless to have any meaningful influence to affect it?

Our answer is to create the bloomtrigger project!

What is bloomtrigger?
Bloomtrigger is a non-profit organisation pioneering a new, visual model of online fundraising with the objective to empower people to help protect rainforest in a simple, affordable and creative way.

A bloomtrigger is… a system that has been created to bring simple, individual actions together, which collectively mushrooms causing a positive movement to happen!

This is what our project is all about, we are creating a bloomtrigger! By this we mean we are bringing people together from all over the world who each contribute a small part to the project so that collectively we will help to protect a large area of rainforest and make a positive impact.

Ultimately our aim is for this ‘bloomtrigger’ to act as a blueprint for future generations to replicate!

The bloomtrigger project…
* is to enable a simple, affordable and creative way for people to protect forests
* to generate £100M
* will protect 1 million hectares of the most biodiverse rainforest on the planet.


The bloomtrigger poject logo

* bloomtrigger C.I.C is a UK registered Community Interest Company
Registered CIC No: 06885623


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