Why deforestation

Why bloomtrigger is protecting rainforest…
Currently deforestation accounts for approximately 20% of global CO2 emissions making it the second biggest contributor to Climate Change after Energy Consumption. (IPCC, 2007). Without action on deforestation, avoiding the worst impacts of climate change will be next to impossible and could lead to additional climate change damages of $1 trillion per year by 2100 (Eliasch Review, 2008). It is estimated that to halve emissions from global deforestation for 2030 the finance required would be around $17-33Bn per year. Therefore stopping deforestation is the single greatest opportunity for cost effective reductions of carbon emissions (Stern Report,2006).

The next couple of years will be a tipping point for those involved in forestry conservation. The policy makers have realised that the sooner we invest in stopping deforestation the less it will cost us in the future. They know that philanthropy can only move £ millions, governments can only move £ billions and that the carbon market is the only institution that is able to move finance at the appropriate scale in the £ trillions to meet the demands of this issue. All three of these institutions are required to drive this change, though it will ultimately be come down to ordinary people to finance this action one way or another. bloomtrigger aims to be ideally positioned to bridge the gap between these people and the key institutions.

Deforestation in the Amazon - Slash & burn

Our focus is how to engage the millions of individuals who feel so far removed from this problem and powerless to have any meaningful influence to affect it?  Our answer is to create a bloomtrigger!


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  • Lena says:

    Hi. thanks so much for the article and the visuals. I am wondering if I can use the slash and burn of the amazon example in the video presentation on youtube? it is an educational video, which is about creating loving living eco systems, i am a volunteer for non-for-profit org called Gods Way Of Love helping in making this vid.

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