Salusbury Poems. Year 3.

The monkey by Edie.

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The monkey is jumpy,
The monkey is funny,
The monkey is cheeky,
The monkey has a pet bunny.

Monkeys live in trees,
High up in the leaves,
Most of the monkeys are brown,
The king wears a crown.

Monkeys are so playful,
Especially the little ones,
It’s hard to get them to eat,
When their hungry they eat tuns.

Monkeys like to eat bananas,
When it’s bed time they wear pyjamas,
They have lots of brown hair,
Monkeys love going to the fair.

Monkeys like to swing,
They are so swingy as orangatangs,
They are so naughty,
But their voice is incredible when they sing.

The tiger by Rachael.

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Tiger, tiger orange and black. Tiger,
Tiger it gives a horribe scratch. It’s claw
Is a needle.

Tiger, tiger it goes hunting at night. Tiger,
Tiger, tiger it’s going to start a fight!

When the moon comes out he goes
Out and about threes twoo one ponce!

Tiger, tiger his story is through
Good nigh my tiger we are through.

The monkey by Leona. 

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There was a monkey who was
As funny as a bunny, he thinks he’s
Cool when he swings in the pool. Mr.
Monkey he is so funky, he loves to swing
On some rings, Monkey monkey you are
So loud but obiously you are extemely
Monkey Monkey you are so mad even

Mader then someones dada bye the way
Why do you keep swinging on a tree all because
You are scared of me.

Mr Monkey I want to know where do
Plants grow? Mr Monkey more thoughtful
Then a waterfall. Mr Monkey please tell me
A fact just like Max.

Mr Monkey you do talk a lot with you mouth
Just like my friend Ralph, Mr Monkey you
Are so rude and I am not in this mude
By the way Why do you so rude calling
Hinako Miniko, Mr Money Why do you call
My friend Ella, Bella and calling my other
Friend Edie Mcreedy.

The monkey by Taha. 

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My money’s name
Is Mister Billy but
Sometimes he is
Very silly.

I was walking with my
Friend the monkey
Who is always very

He likes to find and eat
Bananas in
His blue dotty pyjamas.

When my monkey swings to school
He is really not
A fool.

My Monkey
Has ears like a bunny
And sometimes my Mr
Billy is very funny.

The jaguar by Charlotte. 

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My Jaguar is like
A big furry stuffed cat.

My Jaguar is girl firce like
A thunder storm so that’s that.

My Jaguar creaps
Slowly like a snail.

But my Jaguar never
Receives any mail.

My Jaguar likes
To catch his prey.

Then I shout
Hip hip hooray.

When I look at my
Jaguar’s big yellow eye,

I feel like
I want to cry.

When my Jaguar
Goes to school

He really likes to
Be so cool.

The parrot by Darcy. 

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The Parrot flys as high as the sky,
Then swoops as low as the snow.
It Pecks as fast as a cheter cat run
It is as coichful as the evening sun.

It’s as big as a massive rainforest leaf or as
Small as a tiny sweeter,
And it likes it’s shiny beak,
What would you like to eat or meaty?

The snake by Sam. 

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I’m walking in the rainforest,
With my own snake,
I don’t know why he always follows me,
When he slithers he does a funny shake.

I’m walking in the rainforest
Then I saw a golden eagle.
I don’t want to shoot it
Because that will be illegal.

I’m walking in the rainforest,
I think my snake has found his prey,
So he goes up to it very fast,
But slowly eats it within the day.

I say good bye
But now I’m shy…

The jaguar by Dylan.

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My jaguar is strong and
He is long.

My jaguar is a fury as a
A bear and that’s unfair.

My jaguar has a pather red coat
And he can sail a boat.

My jaguar plays and
Fights, and he sleeps in the

My jaguar is fat, he like
To chase cats.

My jaguar is camouflaged
He keeps his boat at his

My jaguar is deadly,
He is instinct.

The tiger by Matthew. 

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A tiger has teeth as sharp as a knife.
It makes you run so fast for your life.

It roars so loud and strong.
Wile the birds sing their peaceful

I jumps so high
Right to the sky.

I run so fast
That makes you gasp.

A tiger’s tale is as long as a rope.
It won’t find me that’s what I hope.

It catches it’s prey.
In the midle of May.

It’s fur is as soft as woll
But it gets chopped of by a big
Nasty bull.


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