Juan Mateo

Interview with Juan our Bloomtrigger ambassador

Juan Mateo in a East London park near where he lives.

Juan is an Environmental Science graduate from Spain, currently living in London where he moved a year ago looking for new challenges and professional experiences. Shortly after starting his London adventure he found out about the bloomtrigger project and since then he has been working closely with the project.

Juan bloomtrigger profile

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* What inspires you?
Simply normal people working together to create a better world.

* What makes you angry?
High profile people who are well aware that climate change is real and refute this idea because of their own economic interests. 

* What is your personal mission?
I wish I knew it; I am still seeking that answer.

* If you were Prime Minister, what would be the first thing you’d change?
I would reorganise the duties of the Army. The largest threats for countries will come from the climate rather than military actions. Therefore, I believe it would be more useful for the security of the country if the Army focuses its work on green projects to tackle climate change such us reforestation, conservation of the rainforest, large-scale renewable energies projects and food security.

* Why did you agree to become a bloomtrigger ambassador?
Because I am very familiar with this project and I really believe it has a lot of potential for helping protect rainforest worldwide and tackle climate change. I want so badly to be part of this exciting project and help Bloomtrigger to reach its target of protecting 1 million hectares of rainforest. 

* Can you describe a typical workday?  
I am currently working for the bloomtrigger project as Head of Communications. Basically I spend my days working in front of the computer, creating contents for the bloomtrigger’s website, blog and social media and also emailing and phoning people to get them involved in the project. It’s a very challenging job that requires you to show your passion for the rainforest all the time to help raise awareness.

* Can you think of a place or event you have been that has really inspired you?
Any time I visit a forest I feel inspired because I see the nature in all its vigour and it makes me think about why it’s so important to protect it. Forests are full of biodiversity and are the lungs of the planet; we can’t allow them to disappear.

* How do you define success?
To me success is having a dream and being able to make it true. Maybe it has nothing to do with business or your professional career, it could be anything you want to happen and it happens because you have made an effort to make it true.

* What’s the best advice anyone’s ever given you?
“Don’t follow your mind, follow your heart”.

* What’s your favourite book or film of late?
Avatar. It is a very commercial film and the plot is quite similar to ‘Dance with Wolves’ but there is an important environmentalist message behind the film. Besides, the footage is amazing and, even it is not real, it makes you feel as you are in the rainforest.

* If you could get anyone to become a part of the bloomtrigger project who would it be and why?
I would go for the husband and wife Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz. These Spanish film starts who have reached a great success in Hollywood have a big influence in both the American and Hispanic world. They are involved in different charity causes and they would be the perfect couple to spread the word about Bloomtrigger all over the world.   

* What would you most like to happen to protect the planet?
A drastic shift in the consumption of fossil fuels towards green energies and an international law to protect rainforest which would be obey by all the countries without exception.

* Do you have a favourite quote you can share with us?
It’s a very popular one: “Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realize we cannot eat money”. It’s a Cree Indian Proverb that I love because it’s very true.

* Can you think up one more question that we should be asking, but have not thought of yet and then answer it?
Do you think in 50 years time there will be less or more rainforest worldwide?
More; because humankind can’t be so stupid to lose this treasure.

* To find out more about bloomtrigger’s ambassadors and to apply to become one click here!

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