Our Authors

James Sutton
James Sutton is the founder of the bloomtrigger project. He is driven by his vision for Bloomtrigger. His background in architecture, marketing and all things creative has led him to build this unique project to help protect rainforest.

Rio+20: Where we stand on forest!

Juan Matea Perrote interview
Juan Mateo is an Environmental Science graduate from Spain, currently living in London where he moved a year ago looking for new challenges and professional experiences. Shortly after starting his London adventure he found out about the bloomtrigger project and since then he has been working closely with the project.

One day of Juan’s carbon

Abigail Taylor
Abigail Taylor is half Korean, half English university student currently living in Busan, South Korea however attending university in England. She has a strong interest in international development and the environment and hopes to pursue a career combining the two.

Eco-Design: Bio-Light your home with bioluminescent bacteria!

Rosana Della Méa
Rosana Della Méa is a Brazilian environmental constultant who is responsible for Bloomtrigger environmental policy. She is the CEO is CO2X an organisation speciaising in forestry projects throught the world. 

Rio+20: Where we stand on forest!

David Chadwick
David Chadwick is from a small town in Nothern England called Knutsford. He is a keen sportsman currently working on the London 2012 Olympics. He has also lived in Boston as well as the French Alps. Travelling is a big passion of his and he has always enjoyed meeting people from other countries. He has travelled a fair bit in Europe, USA, visited Southeast Asia, and recently completed an 11 month trip to South America where he became utterly obsessed with the latin culture.

The Amazon… A BLOOMIN’ Wonder! (1st part)

The Amazon… A BLOOMIN’ Wonder! (2nd part)

Emma Law
Emma Law

Bloomtrigger in the Billion Acts of Green

Jaya Srinivasan Bloomtrigger Profile
Jaya Srinivasan

Fighting for a mountain: the Dongria Kondhs of Odisha

Dan Sturgess Bloomtrigger Profile
Dan Sturgess

Do people in the UK care enough about global deforestation?


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