David Chadwick

David Chadwick
David Chadwick, keen traveller, in Salento (Colombia).

David Chadwick is from a small town in Nothern England called Knutsford, an area full of beautiful green fields and hedgerows, which could be where his passion for the outdoors has come from (either that of David Attemborough, he says). He is a keen sportsman currently working on the London 2012 Olympics. He has also lived in Boston as well as the French Alps. He is crazy for snow sports and he laughs that saving the rainforest will help to save the snow! Travelling is a BIG BIG passion of his and he has always enjoyed meeting people from other countries. He has travelled a fair bit in Europe, USA, visited Southeast Asia, and recently completed an 11 month trip to South America where he became utterly obsessed with the latin culture.

David Profile Picture

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* What inspires you?
People who overcome adversity, Winston Churchill speeches, Animal programmes, my friends and family.

* What makes you angry?
People who throw rubbish on the ground…FIND A BLOODY BIN! Also people leaving the lights on! And I hate Dishwashers and Microwaves!

* What is your personal mission?
To be Happy, spread the Love, and to help whoever or wherever I can along the way.

* If you were Prime Minister, what would be the first thing you’d change?
I’d turn Electricity OFF every night to those who don’t need it, I mean the amount of buildings in London that have their lights on all through the night is ridiculous, let’s have a blackout!

* Why did you agree to become a bloomtrigger ambassador?
Because I am genuinely interested in saving rainforest and want to help, and I believe Bloomtrigger can be the way forward.

* Can you describe a typical workday?
No, everyday is different, some days in the office, some days managing deliveries on my Fork Lift Truck.

* Can you think of a place or event you have been that has really inspired you?
I worked at an Animal Refuge in Bolivia that took in many orphaned animals who had been stolen from the jungle or lost their homes to deforestation. It was a truly remarkable place trying to allow animals to be wild and as free as they can be. It was incredible to see the sadness of some animals when they arrive to the happiness and joy after they had settled in for a few weeks – amazing!

* How do you define success?
Having a loving family, great mates and doing what you can each day. No more, No less!

* What’s the best advice anyone’s ever given you?
“Keep Smiling” – Dad.

* What’s your favourite book or film of late?
Book – Wild Swans – self told history of 3 generations of women in a Chinese family, that Chairman Mao was not cool!

* If you could get anyone to become a part of the bloomtrigger project who would it be and why?
Prince William because I think he cares enough and people round the world would be inspired.

* How do you go green in your daily life?
Cycle to work, compost my teabags (a lot of these) and veggies, recycle anything that can be.

* What would you most like to happen to protect the planet?
Everyone use cars a lot less, and the world’s governments to stop fighting over oil and start protecting the forests!

* Do you have a favourite quote you can share with us?
A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity, an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty – Winston Churchill

* Can you think up one more question that we should be asking, but have not thought of yet and then answer it?
If you could have dinner with one person from all history, who would it be and why?
Bob Marley – because I would want his happiness, optimism, want for peace and love to rub off on me!

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