The Bloomtrigger PARROT is PLANTED people!

February 1, 2014 § Leave a comment

parrot planted
PARROT Planted on map


To mark the end of 2013 we ran a fundraising campaign leading up to Christmas to plant this PARROT mosaic on the Bloomtrigger map. Our target was to raise $2500 to enable a new family to establish an agroforestry plot in the Peruvian Amazon. Unfortunately we did not manage to make this target, however we did manage to raise enough money to at least plant the PARROT on the Bloomtrigger map. Thank you to everyone who generously donated, your name has now been added to the PARROT. We will continue to fundraise until we reach the full target and then send the total to our partners (the Crees Foundation) in Peru. And of course we will keep you updated with our progress!

To watch the video about this campaign, see the actual PARROT on the map or even download your own personal copy of the PARROT follow this link!


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