I Love Amazon Week!

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If you have not already heard this week is ‘I Love Amazon Week’, the focus of a new campaign brought to you buy the good people at WWF and SKY Rainforest Rescue! As you can imagine this is our kind of week here at Bloomtrigger HQ. I mean we like a lot of weeks of the year, design week, chocolate week, the week before Christmas, (not so much fashion week), last week, but ‘I Love Amazon Week’ has a special place in our hearts! Why? What’s so special about this week you may ask? Well most of us know how Amazon is a great website where you can buy pretty much anything… Sorry too obvious! Well here are some things you can’t buy on Amazon (the website), but you can find in THE AMAZON (aka. the world’s largest rainforest).

Things you can find in the Amazon worth protecting!
1. Lots and lots of priceless biodiversity: 10% of the world’s known species live in the Amazon. In fact this week we have learned that at least 441 new species of animals and plants have been discovered in the last 4 years, including a flame-patterned lizard, a thumb-nail sized frog, a vegetarian piranha and a monkey that purrs like a cat.

2. Loads of trees: Did you know 1 billion trees is approximately the size of Belgium and the Amazon rainforest is 180 times the size of Belgium. If our maths is correct that’s 180 billion trees, give or take a few! Think how much carbon must be sequestered in those trees instead of being released into our atmosphere and heating up the planet! If there are any clever people out there reading this, then you are welcome to try calculating this for us?

3. Health: 70% of plants with anti-cancer properties are found only in the rainforests. Say no more!

4. Ancient knowledge and culture too: The Amazon is home to approximately 1 million indigenous people, many of whom possess ancient knowledge and wisdom about plants and animals that has accumulated over thousands of years and has been passed down through the generations. Wisdom that may be helpful to us, like which plants help treat cancer for example?!

5. Nuts: Many of the nuts that you will find in a bag of mixed nuts can be found in the Amazon, Brazil nuts, Cashew nuts, just to name a couple of the more tasty ones!

6. Rain: As the Amazon is one of the biggest ecosystems in the world it plays a vital role providing us with essential environmental services, such as regulating our climate and water cycles. In an over populated world where global agriculture is constantly having to invent new ways to meet the challenges of feeding everyone, it really is better if we don’t mess too much with the fundamentals of our planet’s life system.

7. Beauty: The Amazon is an incredibly beautiful place and like all natural, beautiful places on our planet where nature enriches our being, it is something sacred and worth protecting!

OK, so that is seven things and it would be fun to go on writing this list all day, but the point is that you can find lots of amazing, valuable, important, clever, pretty things in the Amazon and this is why we LOVE it and why all of us should do whatever we can to help protect it.

So what can you do to be a part of ‘I Love Amazon Week’?
1. You can take the pledge to be forest friendly and share it through social media. Just go to Sky Rainforest Rescue!

2. Use the Hashtag #lovetheamazon whenever, wherever!

3. Learn more about the Amazon and this campaign.

4. Take an image of you making the heart sign with your hands and upload it to your Facebook profile. See image of Dave below as an example. Dave went along to represent Bloomtrigger at the launch event for ‘I Love Amazon Week” and they snapped him declaring his love for the rainforest.

5. Donate! Donating some money to this campaign or to Bloomtrigger is going to support the sustainable development of forestry communities to help them protect their forests.
AND if you’re still not sure about getting involved, then let Bloomtrigger’s very own Dave convince you why in the video below!

More about ‘I Love Amazon Week’!
I Love Amazon Week is a celebration of the world’s largest rainforest and a call to action to the UK public to pledge to be forest-friendly. Through Sky Rainforest Rescue over 5,000 people in Acre, Brazil have committed not to slash and burn their land, helping to save one billion trees from deforestation. For I Love Amazon Week, Sky and WWF are asking 5,000 people in the UK to match that commitment by pledging to be forest-friendly and making everyday changes that can make a real difference. They’ll be taking this to the Acre Government to show that together we can make a difference for the Amazon.

Dave - Love Amazon Week 1000px
Dave representing Bloomtrigger at the launch of ‘I Love Amazon Week’

Callicebus caquetensis: This new speciaies of titi monkey is one of about 20 species of titi monkeys living in the Amazon basin. This particular critter purrs like a cat.


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