Bloomtrigger’s first international video exchange between schools!

September 25, 2013 § Leave a comment

Vimeo video Escola Bilusco

Escola Bilusco is located in Curitiba in the South of Brazil and became the first Brazilian school to take part in the Bloomtrigger project. Over three days the pupils participated in a series of presentations and activities called Workshop Arara, (to learn more about Workshop Arara read this report here). The workshop involved learning about important topics such as rainforests, global deforestation, climate change and sustainability. The children painted profiles of themselves for Bloomtrigger’s online platform and helped to protect their own part of the Amazon rainforest by planting ‘blooms’ (Bloomtrigger’s virtual currency) on the map. On the final day of the workshop the children recorded a video message to an English school Townfield Primary School who are also one of the schools helping to pioneer the Bloomtrigger project. As part of this video message the Brazilian pupils planted something for the English school on the Bloomtrigger map.

To see the message the pupils from Escola Bilusco planted on the map for Townfield Primary School click the image below!

Click here to see mesaage 800px

To zoom in and see this message on the map up close follow this link to Escola Bilusco’s class profile. Scroll down to the Bloomtrigger map at the bottom of the profile page and use the navigation tools on the right hand side to browse the map!


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