The Bloomtrigger project launches in the first Brazilian school!

September 23, 2013 § Leave a comment

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Brazilian flag  To read this news report in portuguese click here!

Last week we launched the Bloomtrigger project in Escola Bilusco in Curitiba, Brazil. The pupils took part in a three-day workshop called ‘The Arara Workshop’ which was developed and implemented in partnership with a Brazilian organisation called Quíron. (Quíron is a social enterprise that aims to transform the way education is taught in Brazil). Over three mornings the pupils learnt about the forests, deforestation, climate change, sustainability and of course the Bloomtrigger project, while completing various activities, which ultimately resulted in them all helping to protect their own part of the Amazon rainforest. This was the first time a Bloomtrigger workshop has been taught in Portuguese and was developed especially for Brazilian children. The pupils at Escola Bilusco were great fun to teach and we are very proud to have them help pioneer our project in Brazil.

Here is an outline of what happened during the Arara Workshop!

Day 1:
Part 1. Introduction to rainforests, global deforestation, rainforest animals and the Bloomtrigger project

Part 2. Painting Bloomtrigger profile images

Brazil pilot framed 1001

+ See all the photos from day 1 here!

Day 2:
Part 1. A more in depth talk about deforestation, Brazilian forests, climate change, the greenhouse effect and sustainability

Part 2. Voting for the best pupil profile images, followed by a computer session planting bloomson the Bloomtrigger map

Brazil pilot framed 1002

+ See all the photos from day 2 here!

Day 3:
Part 1. Pupil’s vote how to invest R$1,000 that they received for being the first school in Brazil to participate in the project (ref. Catarse project)

Part 2. Record video message to English school

Brazil pilot framed 10033

+ See all the photos from day 3 here!

What’s next?

We are now busy editing a short video that will show how the project developed over the three days. We will be posting this shortly. It is then our intention to present our project to other schools in Brazil and to grow our network of Brazilian Bloomtrigger pioneers.

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