Bloomtrigger club in South Sudan!

October 15, 2012 § Leave a comment

This week we were surprised by a group of children from the Kan Ajak Primary School in Southern Sudan who sent a short video message they had made and uploaded to Youtube. These school children from east-central Africa have created a ‘Bloomtrigger Club’ and have been learning about the bloomtrigger project as a way to help stop deforestation. We are very excited to see that Bloomtrigger has managed to reach such remote parts of the world, apparently their teacher discovered our project via our Twitter! We would like to thank the children at Kan Ajak Primary School for their inspiring video message and we hope they will be able to sign up and create some profile images soon, so that they can begin to help protect rainforest with us. We already have lots of people who would like to donate blooms to them!

More about Kan Ajak Primary School

After getting in touch with the school we have learned that Kan Ajak Primary School is located in Kan Ajak village, Awiel East County, Northern Bahr El Ghazal State; needless to say a very remote part of the world. They have 460 children at the school 257 girls 203 boys, mostly Returnees. The school was established by a group of women (Aheu Dit Women Group) 5 years ago. They do not have a proper internet connection yet, but they do have a laptop which they brought from Kenya and they can connect to the new mobile network which has been installed in the region via a modem.

We taked to James Ochieng a teacher at the school; this is what he had to say about their story…

Our story

“Most schools in southern Sudan are under the WFP feeding program. These meals are cooked in the schools for the children. Firewood is the only fuel used to cook this food. What happens is that children are instructed to carry a piece of firewood on their way to school, at least twice a week, failure to do that will result to punishment. So you can imagine what happens on the routes to school, children break branches along the way.

We want to stop the use of firewood at our school. Together with the women group we are going to start producing bio-fuel briquettes as an alternative fuel. We believe that the topics of deforestation and climate change should be taught at the school. We are also going to conduct the briquette training. This will stop the children from damaging trees on their way to school. We hope the bloomtrigger project will be a good substitution for the children and a chance to learn the importance of conservation.”

NOW and the future

The first step is to try to get these children signed up to the bloomtrigger project and planting blooms to help them have an impact on global deforestation. At the moment we can only offer them the opportunity to protect forest in South America in the Amazon rainforest. However we hope that in the future we can begin to support forestry conservation projects in Africa as well, perhaps even in South Sudan. Our aim is to grow the Bloomtrigger platform to enable people to protect forests in many different parts of the world, Americas, Africa, Asia, Australasia and Europe.

Images of Kan Ajak Primary School

© Copyright James Ochieng

Children holding the South Sudan sign

Kan Ajak Primary School

Girls singing at Kan Ajak Primary School

Children holding Kan Ajak Sign

Children with Bloomtrigger Sign

Pupils holding the School sign


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