RIO+20. What future do you want?

June 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

Promotional video from Rio+20

Rio+20 is the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development that takes place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for the next three days starting today (20th June) *. This very important event for the future of the Earth and the humankind is being held exactly 20 years after the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio, where countries adopted Agenda 21 – a Programme of Action for Sustainable Development that contains the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development, which recognizes each nation’s right to purse social and economic progress and assigned to States the responsibility of adopting a model of sustainable development. This summit was very influential for different reasons and important documents such as the Statement of Forest Principles were approved there. Unfortunately two decades of warm words and speeches in favour of the environment have not prevented that the main measure parameters of sustainability have deteriorated. This is noted by the GEO-5 inform, elaborated by the United Nations Environment Programme, which says in regards the forests, for example, that the pace of losing rainforest still remains alarmingly high and highlights that deforestation and forest degradation may impose larger economic cost for the global economy than losses resulting from the 2008 financial crisis.

However, at Bloomtrigger we want to take a positive and constructive attitude towards the rainforest conservation. While it is true the pace of losing rainforest still remains high it is also true that since the agreement on the Forest Principles – as we explain before, at the first Rio Summit in 1992 – there has been a growing awareness and understating by policy makers of forests’ potential for sustainable development objectives. Greater attention has been given to multifunctional benefits of forest and to the critical role of forest in enhancing people’s livelihoods and the sound functioning of ecosystems.

Rio+20People walking through the Rio+20 pavilions, 20th June 2012. 

This Rio+20 Conference, therefore, takes place to give a new impetus to the sustainable development objectives adopted in the 1992 Earth Summit where forestry conservation plays a major role. Bloomtrigger, as an organisation which aims to protect 1 million hectares of the most biodiverse rainforest on the planet, can’t miss the opportunity of attend the Rio+20.

Stay tuned to the blog because in the next few days there will be a new post about Bloomtrigger’s participation in one of the most challenging summits for the future of our planet in the last years.

To learn more about Rio+20 visit the official website


*20-22 June are the official dates of the Conference. However, loads of talks, meetings and activities organized by NGOs, enterprises and environmentalist organizations and individuals have been held in Rio since the end of May.


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