How do we feed the world without destroying it?

May 15, 2012 § Leave a comment


At TEDxTC Dr. Jonathan Foley focuses on the complex relationship between global environmental systems and human civilization, using computer models to analyse changes in land use, ecosystems and resources around the world.

He shows the audience startling figures to prove why agriculture has become the largest driver of climate change, biodiversity loss and environmental destruction. These are some examples:

  • More than 40% of Earth’s land has been cleared for agriculture (a large proportion of this percentage is rainforest).
  • Agriculture generates more greenhouse gas emission than electricity and industry together. Or more emissions than from all the planes, trains and automobiles put together.
  • Global croplands cover 16 million km2 – that’s almost the size of South America – and global pastures 30 million km2 – that’s the size of Africa.
  • Irrigation is the biggest use of water on the planet. We use 2,800 cubic kilometres of water on crops every year – that’s enough to fill 7,305 Empire State Buildings every day.

And of course, there is a dilemma: as the world population grows sharply we will have to double or triple global food production without exhausting the natural resources. Dr. Jonathan Foley suggests a big conversation and international dialogue with real solutions such as precision agriculture, drip irrigation, better tillage or smarter diets. All these solutions come with the idea of “terraculture” – farming for the whole planet.

At bloomtrigger project we understand this dilemma and want to be part of the real solutions. We have to be able to feed the world’s growing population and protect the rainforest to tackle climate change and conserve biodiversity at the same time. Would you like to help us? Buy some ‘blooms’ and be part of the solution


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