Eco-Design: Bio-Light your home with bioluminescent bacteria!

April 28, 2012 § 2 Comments

Phillips Bio-Light Design Concept (Credit: Phillips)

The production and use of energy is a hot topic in the environmental world with the quest for more sustainable and eco-friendly sources while also limiting the emitting of harmful gases and waste. Large-scale efforts to change the way we acquire our energy, from such methods as burning fossil fuels or nuclear power to wind power or hydropower, are not the only actions that can be taken out.

Bio-Light is a design concept created by Phillips that explores the use of bioluminescent bacteria to create low-light ambiance or fluorescent proteins for more frequencies of light. This idea of bio-light is a part of Phillips’ greater design concept of the Microbial Home Probe Project where the solutions for cleaning, energy, food preservation, lighting and human waste are explored through a more eco-friendly and sustainable way. Bio-light is designed to not only lower the extent of energy needed but also recycle waste and the methane created from the waste to feed the bioluminescent bacteria.

The bioluminescent bacteria fed through silicon tubes (Credit: Phillips)

The design involves hand blown glass cells supported by a steel frame where each cell contains the bioluminescent bacteria.  As the light is quite low-intensity and the nature of living bacteria limits the ability to produce light quickly, the use of bio-light is less suitable for practical lighting. However this does not diminish its importance and potential as it has promising use for tracing, warning, ambiance and indication lighting. Examples of such use are night-time road markings,  information signs in low-light settings (eg. cinemas, clubs, etc.), or mood lighting.

Even if bio-light cannot necessarily be used for practical lighting, having one of these bad boys in your living room, bedroom, dining room or wherever would definitely have an interesting effect on the décor. As this is only a design concept, the possibilities of what the bioluminescent bacteria might do in differing environments is unknown. The bioluminescent bacteria is a living thing and living things are often affected by their surrounding environment, therefore bio-light has the potential to produce some fascinating unpredictable results.

By Abby Taylor


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§ 2 Responses to Eco-Design: Bio-Light your home with bioluminescent bacteria!


    I have actually a quary,can one set upor prepare a unit like bacterial bio-cell(just like a dry cell) using bacterias (bioluminating)which are harmless?
    please rply it. Very eagar to searh the same. reply at my mail. My mail ID is

    • bloomtrigger says:

      Hi Rekha, I’m afriad, I don’t think we are qualified to answer your question. It sounds like you need to speak to a scientific specialist. Perhaps the people at Philips are the nest people to ask.

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