MakeSense London HoldUp for Bloomtrigger

March 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

Last week a ‘HoldUp’ occurred at Imperial College London for the bloomtrigger project. A ‘HoldUp’ is an event organised by an organisation called MakeSense, which brings together a diverse mix of people, typically students, to brainstorm and suggest ideas to help with challenges faced by new social entrepreneurs. To understand a little more about the purpose and mission behind the people at MakeSense watch their 1 minute video below.

MakeSense have a network of volunteers all around the world and regularly organise ‘HoldUps’ which are open discussions for anyone to turn up and offer their ideas. As the founder of Bloomtrigger, I was asked to make a quick 5 minute introduction to the bloomtrigger project over Skype to the people at the HoldUp in London, it had to be Skype and not in person, as I am currently working in Brazil. Though the Skype signal was not perfect, reportedly they heard me loud and clear and understood the concept behind the bloomtrigger project straight away. They then broke off into teams and spent the next two and a half hours brainstorming ideas for the challenges I had set. The next day I received a collection of short videos in my inbox documenting their fresh and intelligent ideas. It was that simple!

I would really recommend any organisation who could benefit from this to consider arranging a ‘HoldUp’ for themselves. It is an excellent way to get a fresh perspective on a project with honest and quality feedback. We hope to be able to introduce as many ideas as possible to the bloomtrigger project from the HoldUp over the coming months. A big thank you to all those involved!

Update posted by: James Sutton, Founder of Bloomtrigger

HoldUp Notes for Bloomtrigger
Just some of the brainstorming ideas generated at the HoldUp.


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