Tree of the day: Araucaria

March 26, 2012 § 1 Comment

Araucaria by day.

The Araucaria tree (also known as the Brazilian pine) is a conifer species native to the southern Brazil. It is an evergreen tree growing 40m tall and can have a 1m trunk diameter. The leaves are thick and tough with razor sharp edges. The seeds called pinhão are a popular winter snack in Brazil, especially tasty with hot wine. The branches grow outward in a horizontal direction and can suddenly break off and fall to the ground without warning, so caution needs to be taken when sitting beneath an Araucaria tree.

This species is listed in the critically endangered species list by the IUCN. The conservation of these trees is taken very seriously in Brazil now that so few remain, there is even a special Government agency set up only to protect this type of tree and if caught chopping down an Araucaria you could even expect a prison sentence.

Bloomtrigger is currently looking to identify a project in the south of Brazil with the Instituto Chico Mendes to support the protection of the Atlantic forest where the Araucaria trees can be found. The Atlantic forest has been highly deforested with less than 7% remaining today and needs to be protected from further loss.


Offical name: Araucaria angustifolia
Brazilian pine
40 meters
Conservation staus:
CR – Critically endangered
Yes, the seeds ‘pinhão’

Araucaria by dusk.


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§ One Response to Tree of the day: Araucaria

  • Laura says:

    Thank you for raising the awareness. I am impressed about such an amazing tree!! Thanks to you now I know more. I will find ways to support them 🙂 (The trees 🙂

    Thank you again,


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