Explore the Amazon rainforest on Google street view!

March 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

Google street view Amazon
Tributary of the Rio Negro – View Larger Map

Can you remember the first time you looked at Google Street view? Thinking this an amazing use of technology! Zooming into your house to see if they had taken a picture of your front door and nine times out of ten of course they had, along with the neighbour’s dog and the rubbish left out on bin day. This was a huge social and cultural step that Google had made by introducing this technology and making it available to the world. Big shifts like these never come with controversy. Some people (admitedly a minority) were shocked by the ‘violation of privacy’, after seeing ‘spy satellite resolution’ images of their homes on the map. They were afraid of the bold step Google had taken without consulting them first, regardless of the fact that anyone can drive past you house and take a picture and then post it on the internet. Nobody seemed to take any notice of these people and so Google continues to make the world more visible to everyone. This technology has thousands of useful applications, one I especially find useful is when looking for a new place to live, Google street view has made it possible to check out the location of a potential flat in just a few clicks without having to waste hours travelling there to find out how nice or terrible a neighbourhood is.

Well now Google Street View brings you the Amazon rainforest! The Google Earth Outreach teams were invited to the Amazon Basin to collect ground-level images of the rivers, forest and communities in the Rio Negro Reserve. Now those images available through the Street View feature on Google Maps, so that anyone can experience the beauty and diversity of the Amazon. Together with FAS, Google are enabling everyone from researchers and scientists to armchair explorers around the world learn more about the Amazon, and better understand how local communities there are working to preserve this unique environment for future generations.

Take a moment to explore the Google street view map above and watch this short video below about the people and the vision behind the project. The views are naturally not as good as the real thing and never will be, but they are still very beautiful and deserve our attention. Imagine TODAY in 2012 sitting at home on the sofa you can now explore the Amazon rainforest and this is only the beginning, imagine how amazing this will be in a few years from now! Real-time rainforest in 3D perhaps?! Whatever we see, lets hope it brings the forest closer to our consciousness, so that we can begin to appreciate the true value the forest has for us. Perhaps the world needs to see the forests exist before they will believe it is in their interest to protect this vital resource! Thank you Google for making the forests more visible.

To help protect you own part of the Amazon rainforest click here to become a part of ‘the bloomtrigger project‘. A simple, affordable and creative way to protect rainforests.

By James Sutton, Founder of Bloomtrigger


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