Brazil tries to balance farming and forests

March 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

CNN video report on Brazilian farming & forestry
A report by Shasta Darlington, CNN

A new Brazilian Forest Code is currently being debated in Congress, which is creating a tense atmosphere between Brazilian farmers and environmentalist. Nowhere more so in the vast agricultural state of Matto Grosso. Watch the CNN video report above to see how Brazilian is struggling to balance a booming agricultural expansion with protecting its virgin rainforest.

This new forestry code is a hot topic here in Brazil at the moment which is being vetoed by environmentalists across the country. I even found myself involved with a local protest rally several weeks ago to campaign against these proposed changes to the law. Check me out with my official bright green protest T-shirts with Rosana Della Méa in the rally below!

Veto Dilma protest
Veto Dilma Forest Code protest in Floranópolis, Brazil

According to the former Environment Minister Marina Silva, if passed it could be disastrous for the remaining forest. “It’s a setback without precedent after the 23 years of progress we’ve made,” she told CNN.

Nearly a fifth of the Brazilian forest has been lost since 1970, but over the last six years, Brazil has cracked down on clear-cutting, reducing the rate of deforestation by 80 percent. This new bill eases limits on deforestation and extends an amnesty to some who cut down trees illegally in the past.

In short this is a pivotal moment for the Brazilian Amazon and will have implications for how the world looks to value forest resources for our future.

To read the article in full on CCN click here.


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