China’s chopsticks chop chinese trees!

March 17, 2012 § 2 Comments

chinese chopsticks facts
Firstly let me apologise for the terrible title of this post. It’s a Friday while I’m writing this, so lame titles are allowed!

According to China’s forestry authorities, China produces 57 billion pairs of disposable chopsticks that demand over 1.18 billion square meters of deforestation and consume 3.8 million trees annually (interestingly the figures quoted on Wikipedia are much higher than this… personally I know who I am more inclined to believe, Wikipedia or the ‘official’ chinese government figures). The president of EcoWaste Coalition Roy Alvarez commented on the issue stating, “By making a switch from disposable to reusable chopsticks, we help in assuaging China’s problem with deforestation that leads to soil erosion and destructive flooding, and in trimming down chopstick trash.” Fair enough!

Back in April 2006 the Chinese government introduced a 5% tax on disposable chopsticks to reduce their consumption and encourage a move to reusable chopsticks. Imagine if over a billion people in China suddenly stopped using disposable chopsticks! Little things add up! Deforestation is such a serious problem in China, that they now plant more trees each year than any other country in the world.


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