Bloomtrigger’s simple way to get the most out of your business emails!

October 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

Being a startup bloomtrigger cannot afford to miss out on one of the most cost-effective marketing channels there is – business email. Your business emails are a powerful marketing channel right under your nose and yet it is often the most overlooked. Here are 4 facts that all businesses looking to increase the awareness of their brand should be aware of.

Statistics about business emails

Business email is a simple way to drive traffic to your organisation’s website by engaging the people who you interact with day to day, such as people like your suppliers, customers, friends etc, you are creating a well informed base of advocates for your business. This is why I use Rocketseed to make the most of the emails I send for bloomtrigger. Rocketseed is the leading solution when it comes to business email, allowing you to create professional signatures with all that legal disclaimer stuff taken care of, while adding bespoke banners to your emails promoting the very latest developments, campaigns and products for your business. One of the main benefits of Rocketseed is that everytime someone clicks on a link or a banner it is trackable so you can see exactly how cost-effective it is. Also you only have to pay per user so it’s ideal for SMEs on a lean budget.

So if the most you have ever done is create an email signature with a few links to your website, then it is well worth seeing if the Rocketseed email solution can work for you. Why am I so keen to promote this? Well two reasons, firstly because it works for me and I’m sure it will work for many other types of business. Secondly the good people at Rocketseed have kindly offered to donate a percentage of any sale bloomtrigger helps to make to the bloomtrigger project to help protect rainforest.

If you are interested in finding out more about Rocketseed then I am happy to share my experience with you. Get in touch or request more detailed information by clicking the button below.

Oh and make sure you click this banner below so that you know this actually works!

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