Thoughts of Boris ‘Bo’ Jr. – A new video blog series from the bloomtrigger project

October 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

Thoughts of Boris ‘Bo’ Jr. is a new video blog series from the bloomtrigger project. Juan and Boris will give us regular snippets of information about climate change and deforestation. Not to be missed!

The picture below seems funny, doesn’t it? It’s actually not. 

Dutch tourist water skiing in St Mark's Square (Venice, Italy). December 2008. Source:

Venice is one of the cities that has to tackle the effects of climate change more intensely due to rising sea levels. But it is not the only one; every city, every country and every territory all over the world is being affected by climate change. From this blog we would like to make our contribution, as other organisations are doing, to raise awareness to people showing them that climate change is already here; it is not something that will happen in the distant future, it is happening now and it is real!

We will make a weekly post focusing on how climate change is affecting different cities and countries around the world with varying levels of intensity. For example sea levels rising, extreme weather events, droughts, floods, heatwaves and lower agricultural production to name just a few.

We really hope you find this information interesting and share it with your friends, collages and family. All together we should spread the message, being aware of the problem is the first step towards beginning to solve it!

Tackling climate change will require a mosaic of solutions. The bloomtrigger project is one small, yet essential part of the solutions.

By Juan Mateo Perrote


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