The bloomtrigger ‘pilot’ project is beginning…

June 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

The first ‘blooms’ have been planted!  

We are excited to announce that bloomtrigger’s pilot website is now live at! The first individuals and businesses have begun signing up and the very first ‘blooms’ have now been planted by the pupils at Townfield Primary school.
bloomtrigger map - level 2
The bloomtrigger project ultimately aims to raise £100M in order to protect 1 million hectares of the most biodiverse rainforest on the planet. This project is beginning with a ‘pilot’ phase in 5 primary schools, aiming to raise £5,000 which will help to protect 50 hectares of rainforest in the Peruvian Amazon.
Once we have demonstrated that this new visual model of online fundraising works and we have reached our target of raising £5,000, then we will look to scale this model up to enable more schools, individuals and businesses to help protect their own part of the rainforest.

Pupils from Townfield Primary School planting the first blooms
Pupils from Townfield Primary School planting the first blooms

Support the ‘true guardians’ of the forest…

The funds raised from bloomtrigger’s pilot project will be supporting the local forestry community in the Manu region of Peru through the CREES Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation working to bring social, economic and environmental harmony to the region since 2003.

MLC community
Local forestry community in the Manu region of Peru

The conservation strategy being implemented is itself a new agroforestry model, being pioneered with the support of Environmental Change Institute (ECI) of Oxford University. It has long been recognised that local people are the true guardians of the forest and empowering them to manage their forests sustainably is the key to long-term conservation. To read more about our project in Peru please click here.

The MLC bio-garden
Training in the bio-garden at the Manu Learning Centre in Peru

Become a part of the project today

bloom = 2.5p = 2.5m2

Why invest in blooms…

Reason 1. To protect your own part of the rainforest, helping to tackle global deforestation and providing immediate, cost effective action against climate change.

Reason 2. To support primary school children in the UK. The effects of deforestation and climate change are the biggest threat facing the youngest generation in the world today. The bloomtrigger project shows children a concrete example of how they can use collaborative online tools to help tackle this challenging issue.

Reason 3. To be a part of the bloomtrigger at the beginning. All the people who buy ‘blooms’ during the pilot project will form the heart of the bloomtrigger from the official launch.

buy blooms now

* Click here to browse the full ‘bloom’ price list and to buy some blooms.


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