Introducing Boris ‘Bo’ Jr. as the first Ambassador of bloomtrigger!

February 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

Boris 'Bo' Jr. the original ambassador of bloomtrigger

Boris 'Bo' Jr. the original ambassador of bloomtrigger

Dear all,

I would like to personally introduce myself as Boris ‘Bo’ Jr. the first appointed ambassador of bloomtrigger CIC. I am from the rainforest of the Congo Basin, specifically from a forest near Ewo in the Cuvette-Ouest Region of western Republic of the Congo. My beautiful home was destroyed several years ago by loggers deforesting my land. After a long time wandering homeless, I found my way to London, determined to build a new life for myself and to do what I can to stop further deforestation of the rainforest in Congo as well as elsewhere in the world.

To become better educated about the causes of deforestation I enrolled at Imperial College London to study a degree in Environmental Science. To support myself during my time studying, I would make a living by juggling for the many tourists in London and I even had a job with the city council moving traffic cones for a while. I have come along way from my early days.

When arriving in London people never knew what to call me as most people have not met a lowland Gorilla before. So I searched for a name to suit my personality, after much consideration I decided that Boris would be an ideal name for me, as I had noticed how popular and successful the Mayor of London had become, so perhaps this name would be good for me too. So since then I have formally been known as Boris Jr. But all my friends call me ‘Bo” for short.

Since graduating I have become an environmental consultant for bloomtrigger and since becoming the official ambassador I spend a lot of time raising awareness of deforestation and mainly talking to primary schools about the value of rainforests. The younger generation tend to listen to be better! When I’m not working I like to get out and about on my skateboard, relax in Hyde park with friends, keep up with current affairs and watch foreign films at the cinema.

A big part on my work is about talking to people and networking, so please add me as your friend on Facebook  and introduce me to all your friends too! Click here to find out more about me…
Boris ‘Bo’ Jr. Facebook profile

You can also follow my personal blog… Thoughts of Boris ‘Bo’ Jr.

Yours Boris ‘Bo’ Jr.

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